Building the Better Bomb

by Rabbi Darkside

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Critically acclaimed solo debut from Rabbi Darkside, available for worldwide purchase on itunes, CDBaby, Amazon and more.


released July 19, 2008

A global cast of Hip Hop luminaries guest on the mic and production, wiring "The Better Bomb" for worldwide 21st century impact. Collaborators cover ground from Brooklyn to Queens, Oakland to Chicago, South London to South France. “Building the Better Bomb” features vocals from Appl Juic (UK), Core Rhythm (BK), Farbeon (BK), Raid’n (FR), Mista Mayday (CT) and the incomparable Ann Enzminger (BK). The production team features the classic boom bap of Mista Mayday, the progressive jazz of And I, Baba Israel and Jive, the thunder of Verse All and the international flavor of DJ Rectape (FR).

This is a product of 100% independent artistry. The original album artwork by Borish (Trust Your Struggle), the graphic layout by J-Skillz (Jask Clothing), and all the music were developed in collaboration with executive producer Rabbi D.



all rights reserved


Rabbi Darkside Brooklyn, New York

Rabbi Darkside is a Brooklyn-based Hip Hop Artist/Educator. His new album "Prospect Avenue" reached #4 on CMJ Hip Hop Charts, #1 on College Radio Charts. His global fanbase grows while he obscures the lines between Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk & Poetry. He's shared stages with Afrika Bambaataa, Antibalas, Common, Dres, Fishbone, Rob Swift, J-Live, Rahzel, Slick Rick, Talib Kweli, The Coup & many others. ... more

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Track Name: The Better Bomb
The better the bomb the redder the dawn
The lines are drawn so you better get on
One side or the other
The rebels are on
A feather pen’s what I wave
Against a metal baton

If the internet is the new printing press
And the Dipset is the new intellect
And the television is the new dinner guest
And Republicans is the new Democrat
And the dirty bomb is the new domestic threat
The Taliban is the new guerrilla Viet
Iraq is the new
Turban is a skin color
Peace is Copernicus
Center of the universe is an urban myth
Cause the sun don’t shine
Cowboys are the new Superman
Indians are the same working man
Mars gonna be the new fertile land
The next world war’s waiting for a Ferdinand
Minimum wage is a murder plan
Biblical days are resurging fam
Insurgents are the nervous twitch that keeps
Itchy trigger fingers on the murder switch
Smoke screens are used as tourniquets
Bedroom house the new journalist
Turning 2 is the new turning 6
Which leaves 13 year olds turning tricks

The better the bomb the redder the dawn
The lines are drawn so you better get on
One side or the other
The rebels are on
A feather pen’s what I wave
Against a metal baton

There ain’t gonna be Social Service checks
And all the toxic air will leave us nervous wrecks
The rain forest gonna be burnt to crisp
No newspaper left for the current events
No sidewalks anywhere to curb your pets
A quarter of our young will be returning Vets
Maybe we can pinpoint a certain executive
officer who crossed into this perfect mess
Freedom fighters gonna be the villains again
It might look something like the Children of Men
Censorship’s a rampant tool for killing our zen
You’ll need corporate sponsorship for chilling with friends
The easy way out might be a pill or a patch
Or there might be no escape behind the wheel of a hatch
Civic government stopped dealing with rats
Except the ones who keep the glass ceiling intact
You’ll hear the end is coming till you’re sick of the rumors
Plugged into oblivion and sticking to humor
Coma to the crisis like there’s missiles in Cuba
Wake up to find out Guiliani’s slicker than Junior
A freestyle is a high-risk maneuver
In this the not-so-distant future
Unless we enlist all our gifts to tutor
Those who exist within the grip of the fuehrer
The better the bomb the redder the dawn
The lines are drawn so you better get on
One side or the other
The rebels are on
A feather pen’s what I wave
Against a metal baton
Before another 4 and before another war
Figure out exactly what you’re fighting for
Track Name: 2x2
2x2 2x2 2x2 2x2

Here’s a dose of the Dark they call me the Holy Roller
On Noah’s Ark the only lonely soldier
You would think it’s a snap like Tony Romo
But it feels like half our quota’s already been thrown over
Surrounded by a sea of animals and loners
Cats without their kitties and kings without their cobras
Queens without Corona One half of the Dakotas
A single homely ogre stoic as a Chevy Nova
Rope burned hands from holding on like Red Rover
I’ve only got one good thumb Ebert no Roper
Keeping it covert might have been a mistake
Who ever would’ve guessed the ship would be in this shape
David Chase on the pen I’m sailing for finales
I look around and see Palestinians and Israelis
I look around and see nothing but the sea and above
I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a leaf and a dove

2x2 2x2 2x2 2x2

Double dose of the Dark I’m back in the classroom
Didn’t feel like I was gone but all my shit smells like cat food
Half the desks empty Half the rest emcees
Temporary staff the lessons are elementary
L-M-N-O-P to onomatopoeia Bunsen Burners to beakers
Low-level learners to teachers on reefer
Seasonal work like hiring migrants
Undermines year-round preparedness like fire and hydrants
Liars and tyrants don’t have principals to lean on
Summertime no Freon stinging sweat of eons
Kids are clad in spandex bangles and neon
Got me feeling like I’m busting 80’s ghosts like Egon
So I dream on staring out the window to the yard
Open up my desk and grab some confiscated cards
Pull one out of the deck and put it back in despair
A testament to déjà vu only half of a pair

2x2 2x2 2x2 2x2

Overdose of the Dark alone in the desert
One moment there was chalk the next it’s sand forever
I’d like to act courageous as I’m chasing an oasis
But why bother be the bravest in the war to end the ages
Masochistic the work of a veteran
Alchemist along the road to a personal legend
Pursuit of something that’ll make me feel whole
Metal into real gold Devils into real souls
I’ve only got the wind to whisper arid secrets
Sink my hands in terra firma tear to pieces
This’ll make a non-believer from believers like
An open wide receiver watching fans leave the bleachers
Isolated when I swore I heard a dune buggy
Off in the distance saw a sight that’s simply too lovely
It was a bird as white as a cloud
Olive branch in its mouth steadily swooping down
2x2 2x2 2x2 2x2
Track Name: Assembly Lines feat Ryan Wilkinson on trumpet
Part MC and part Disc Jock
Part Chris Rock part Hitchcock
Part smooth talk part shit talk
Part cooled out part pissed off
Part tie-dye part Kriss Kross
Part chap stick part lip gloss
Part mind map part get lost
Part dry out part get sauced
Part return part kickoff
Part Thriller part Get Off
Part step up part step off

Part ill emcee part soliloquy
Part killa bee part Billy Dee
Part really B?
Part silly me part feeling free
Part madness and part villainy
Part Bob Dylan part LA Reid
Part melody part elegy
Part Sporty Spice part Mel B
Part nightmare part Elm Street
Part Bill Bellamy part ill felonies
Part Bloody Mary part celery
Part Bucktown part Tel Aviv
Part telethon part part the seas
Part pardon me

Part poet part philosopher
Part astronaut part astronomer
Part Harry Connick part Jimmy Connors
Part Thurmanator part thermometer
Part Milky Way part Andromeda
Part Eden garden part anaconda
Part candle wax part candelabra
Part running man part lambada
Part blindfold part pinata
Part mama part papa
Part chief part rocker

Part Sherlock part Shylock
Part burnt out part eye drop
Part VW part Iroc
Part flytrap part lilacs
Part submerged part dry docked
Part what is part why not
Part third eye part cyclops
Part the hare part sly fox
Part undone part tied knots
Part time on part time off

Part spitter part fibber
Part pitcher part hitter
Part miss her part mister
Part sitter part drifter
Part grifter part gifted
Part grizzled part wizard
Part scissors part fissure
Part zzzz zzz zzzzmm
Track Name: Vampires feat Appl Juic
Appl Juic
I’ll try hard to fulfill your notion of what a poet is
Deriding ideas as bunk and words as erroneous
I’m not a Monk so don’t call me Thelonious
But perhaps the last and loneliest American socialist
I’d like to spend my time thinking about who should be picked
for the cricket team
There’s so much in the world I find sickening
The last time I checked the wealth wasn’t trickling
There’s also my own health
Addicted to the nicotine
Sometimes I won’t eat salad for days
I’m tortured by all my less palatable traits
Trying everything to overcome the barricades
Like Desperate Housewives with marital aids
New and improved like the potions we use on the lues
Broken and bruised
Bluesy boozed virginal listless
I don’t want your complete immersion in my business
What’s the point of a conversion if there isn’t a witness

Rabbi D
We working and reversing the sickness
Appl Juic
What is this?

Rabbi D
No slack all crisp like a permanent crease
Alert to the lurking creeps like the murmur of thieves
German Shepard on the prowl so it’s curtains for sheeps
BK to UK with a certain mystique
In the country of Kings we work and we teach
United Kingdom counterparts are doing their piece
Hyde Park to Parliament Prospect to Orchard Beach
East London to East New York down on Herkimer Street
Learn and lead so the hurt will decrease
If G-d can’t save Darfur how he’s gonna save the Queen?
Runaway dreams we’re speeding on all fours
With a connection overseas that ain’t been seen since the Concord

State your name
What’s your stake in the game
Whatchu you bringing to table
Whatchu you taking away?
State your name
This is a stake in the game
Brining light to vampires that’s as plain as the day

Rabbi D
Encore before we’re even half through
On every corner in the city like pay phones and snack food
Snap to it like jazz aficionados
Draining like long trips in autos when you piss in bottles
Resist Serato Old School attitude
Y’all need battle proof?
Well I rap and produce
These two cats in the booth are rabid and smooth
With philosophy and aptitude like Albert Camus
Avenue grooves with a cabin and crew
It’s Rab and Appl Juic get hooked like snaggle tooth
Ravenous dudes with cavernous moves
That Eco like Umberto canyon camping confused?
Separatists step with us and get to the groove
And if you can’t handle this shit then you should get to the lue
Catching the blues from the network of news
We’re putting in the legwork to get to the moon
Rebels with clues causes morals flaws
More or less average dudes with war on their jaws
Swore what you saw happened but don’t curse
Juic was like
Appl Juic
That’s Heavy D
Rabbi D
And I was like of course

Appl Juic
So we’re striking with the force of twelve Chernobyls
And won’t stop till the whole world smells of Belgian waffles
You’re smiling nervously like Mets fans till David (Carlos) Beltran bottles
As if an empire founded on bullshit seldom topples
And steroids can make it super-sized
Like the bulging biceps of Hulk Hogan
But soon you’re rheumatized
Moody times spent cold and in the doldrums
With fewer rides
More thoughts of suicide in a kitchen full of rolling pins and solvents
Call for The Dude and The Dude abides
With an army of Polynesian witches with dolphins in their cauldrons
Curing the world of Wolfowitzs and John Boltons
And all the fucking PR consultants
Justifying the actions of the crazy and lawless
Cause we know now there’s no Habeas Corpus
This race is like the hare and the tortoise
You drift into complacency then we’re severing your fortress
With a mouth full of celery and sawdust
Stumbling down avenues mumbling platitudes
About how you never achieve anything in August
Pursued by carloads of paparazzi
We’re seducing your daughters
Dissing your sister like Marco Matarazzi
I’m on a mission from Britain to confirm with a Rabbi
That the cargo is satisfactory

Rabbi D
That’s that good shit
Appl Juic
Sweet now you can pass it back to me

State your name
What’s your stake in the game
Whatchu you bringing to table
Whatchu you taking away?
State your name
This is a stake in the game
Brining light to vampires that’s as plain as the day

Rabbi D
I’m out like I just won the Emmy or I drank a ton of Henny
Bond after he leveled enemies and got the Money Penny