Darkside of 2011

by Rabbi Darkside

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New Year's Blessings!
To ease into 2012, I've crafted the 3rd annual "Darkside of..." year in review mixtape. It features unreleased new material, collaborations from Denmark, Switzerland, Brazil, France; live freestyles, exclusive remixes and even a motivational PSA commissioned by the Buffalo Public Schools. It's a chance for me to get busy as DJ, beatoxer and MC, and shine some light on the folks that helped make the last year so rich in music and spirit. Guest spots include Core Rhythm, Dollar Coffee, Doron Lev, IllSpokinn, Real Live Show, Sadat X and Sketch tha Cataclysm; production from Headwar, Nickodemus, Zajazza and more. Hope you enjoy!. New solo album from Rabbi Darkside coming Spring 2012!


released January 10, 2012

1) Darkside of 2011 Intro (beatbox and mini-sax by Rabbi Darkside; percussion by Doron Lev)
2) Go Lobby – Rabbi Darkside (prod by Zajazza; percussion by Doron Lev)
3) Buffalo Public Schools Attendance PSA – Rabbi Darkside (prod by Rabbi Darkside)
4) F the Economy – Dollar Coffee feat. Rabbi Darkside (prod by Spills)
5) EmUrgenSee – Rabbi Darkside (prod by Zajazza)
6) 2011 EOW US Finals Cypher Round - Breez Evahflowin, Carnage, Rabbi Darkside & Kay M
7) Woodrow Wilson – Rabbi Darkside & Doron Lev (prod by HeadWar)
8) Nowhere Fast – Rabbi Darkside & Core Rhythm (prod by Dirt E. Dutch)
9) Nao Tem Preco – Skillz To Take Brazil (URS Fundao Original Studio Mix prod by E.T.)
10) Café Alto Freestyle – Rabbi Darkside & Saskia Laroo Band (recorded live in Amsterdam, NL)
11) New York Minute (Wildstyle Remix) - Real Live Show, Rabbi Darkside, IllSpokinn & Sadat X (prod by Nickodemus)
12) Pennies From Heaven (Prszanik Mix) – Rabbi Darkside (prod by Rube)
13) Indy Rappers Do It For Gas Money - Sketch tha Cataclsym & … (prod by Sketch tha Cataclysm)
14) Last Time I Saw You – Rabbi Darkside & newageynofriends (prod by Mista Mayday)
15) Dank Dier – Akai feat. Alina, Rabbi Darkside & Kensho Kuma (prod by Akai & Babalu)
16) New York City (Roots Cafe Gil Scott Tribute Rehearsal Mix) – Roots Family Reunion Band



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Rabbi Darkside Brooklyn, New York

Rabbi Darkside is a Brooklyn-based Hip Hop Artist/Educator. His new album "Prospect Avenue" reached #4 on CMJ Hip Hop Charts, #1 on College Radio Charts. His global fanbase grows while he obscures the lines between Hip Hop, Jazz, Folk & Poetry. He's shared stages with Afrika Bambaataa, Antibalas, Common, Dres, Fishbone, Rob Swift, J-Live, Rahzel, Slick Rick, Talib Kweli, The Coup & many others. ... more

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Track Name: Go Lobby
That shit cray

I'm a monster like Ducati
And CCing everybody
With a mic check at zuccoti
Roll to congress and go lobby
But f**k the dimwits in the suits
This a public interest group
That terrifies the institution
Upon becoming winter proof
No tents no warmth
No fence no form
That's bologna and salami
Take a building go lobby
Occupy's an odyssey that started with an Arab spring spread to build fortresses colossal like herod the king
A can of kerosene
A Tunisian knight a daring dream
Embedded bloggers find a proxy
Jump the blockades go lobby
For support not for the war they quarter troops and order more
Obama duck the press while me and Zajazza make a tour de force
Pure of heart strong of body
Pepper spray I'm rowdy roddy
Take it in the face f**k going postal
I'm more like go lobby
Write from the reception desk CEOs get cheddar checked dead set as ghaddafi do you copy then let's go lobby

I incorporated the sample while the corporations are scandalous
Let's coordinate the campuses
From tagging up to cannabis
the way the f'ed is taxing us no doubt my friends are acting up
Tactics turned to camping out while
Wall street turned to candy dust
Occupy the battle cry
hashmarked for the savvy day
Get my news from Davey D
And turn a cheek to Sallie Mae
Burn a leaf to validate
Burn a buck cause it ain't backed
Burning cars in tahrhir square
And know that theres no turning back
This is anti gucci bag
This is for the cuny grad students
For my public school teachers
Keeping it moving in class
For the unions that cosigned
For the humans with no rights
For the few who refuse a w2
And political war cries
I haven't lived a moment of my life in so called peacetime
I'm talking overseas not even counting the street crime
Rhymes I write are bar graphs
I still excel like Microsoft
Just waiting for the moment when the white house flies an iron cross

Decompress like focus rite
Freedom of the press gone poltergeist
We all cast in the theater of the oppressed production of hopeless nights
Liberty melt like polar ice
The price of a bowl of rice
Votes are a roll of the dice from
The 9th ward out to the golan heights
GI Joe versus Cobra real life
What it feels like
the INT 9 deep deployed to fight that navy seal fight
Covert operatives
Ain't no stopping this
Come the apocalypse
We on top of the game like doctorates
Total Opposites
Vocal lobbyists
Who go to the polls with a vault full of soul and a soldiers shot at it
That's one method
Tried and tested
But often rendered ineffective under a tyrants repression
This ain't crying kvetching
More like high noon in a western
And I keep it cool as Luke
and vent my size in ascension
Let’s get stepping
Controlled as weapon
Power to the people
Forever remember 2011
Track Name: Buffalo Public Schools Attendance PSA
Every morning’s an opportunity to be great
Whether it’s 9-5 or periods 1-8
Isn’t a wonder that for all the things we juggle
We still have to struggle just not to be late
Every morning’s an opportunity to be great
Whether you’re punching a clock or making the grade
Isn’t it amazing what can weigh on our minds
There’s room to breathe easy when you make it on time
Wake up wake up whatchu waiting for?
Bed to the bathroom, kicks to the door
Wake up wake up whatchu wanna do?
Your presence is present your attendance is a tool
Wake up wake up whatchu waiting for?
It’s a New Era every day with the dawn
Wake up wake up whatchu wanna do?
We’re worldwide repping the Buffalo Public Schools
Track Name: F#% the Economy - Dollar Coffee feat. Rabbi Darkside
Verse 1
When economic symbols crash, not a single's in your stash
All you can do is laugh 'til it starts to move your ass
and your body starts to dance, can't count on an advance but
I was never good at math anyway
Current currency's back-breaking inflated
and motherfuck the banks taking all of my paychecks
They're song and dance tries to dictate our savings
with words emptier than my monthly statements
Through song and dance, we make it through the payments
Funds not needed for fun, this is a reclamation
What I'm sayin' is we're taking the slave ship NOW
By brute force of entertainment
Ben Frankly, they don't care about us
So in God we - No - in WE we trust
Take that and generate some more interest
Fuck the economy! Can I get a witness???


Verse 2
Are your savings in need of saving?
Is the amount in your checking account not checking out?
Check it out: one culprit was a lack of regulation,
So I'll gladly get my Warren G on and start regulatin'
Regulating what exactly, you ask?
Well, for starters what America has done with its cash
We gave a broke junkie a stash, with no questions asked,
And then honestly expected it back?
I'm lindy-hoppin' while the stocks are droppin',
Forfeiting stock options for some poppin' and lockin',
Cause why purchase no interest CDs,
when I could cop CDs from MCs that interest me?
FDIC...not a chance!
DITC for breakbeats makin' you dance,
And the only liquidation that I'm tryin' to see
Is sweat pouring out your pores profusely, you follow me?


Verse 3
Rabbi Darkside:

Everybody grab a partner
No means No
Here’s the party starter
Dough see Dough
Got my dancing shoes on tapping on corporate memos
Capital gains get taxed stomping it like flamenco
Risks undetermined internal revenue serving
I'm doing the Pee Wee Herman while Disco Infernos burning
Blame it on the middle men
Punished is the little man
Just your average citizen stuck doing the chicken dance
I’m a rebel with nerve in the federal reserve
Stash my money in a mattress while your cheddar turns to dirt
I ain’t got no portfolio so maybe ain’t got shit to say
Maybe it’s supply demand but I think that it’s kid and play
Bank notes ain’t notarized bankers blowing conga lines
Filling up their shopping carts I organize electric slides
Lock em away
I’m in the stock exchange with nothing but pocket change
Fuck the economy!

Track Name: EmUrgenSee
Seize the moment like you seize the microphone now hold it

We live in the moment
Word score triple the bonus
Third floor sip of the grown up
Curve ball rip it to corners
Dirtballs tricking opponents
Dirt laws stick it most of us
Sick of the wars abroad and the posters recruiting more soldiers
Let’s figure the focus
Persay all outta fuels
Wordplay all around duels
All day hot as Kabul
Entrees nothing but gruel
Broadway falling to ruins
Sick of the smoke that is thicker than coats and coating all the schools
I kick in atonement and register that this moment
Might never get noticed if rebels aint’ posting the effect for all the globues
We live in a time
where you cant survive with just a stun gun
So I’m fully equipped with a mont blanc whump whump
Clips and the credentials for the press pit or the guest list or the next best
Or the excess or the red dress or the breathless
We live in a time
Where revolutions abroad are lessons learned to us all no left turns towards a wall
No confer or kabal or no Copernican ball
There’s no return to the fall forget returns to the mall
Burning Stolen Chagalls with Colonels who’ve broken the law
Hoping to cope or to crawl and the closer I go the applause (CMON)

Seize the moment like you seize the microphone now hold it

The speed of light is fiber optical and feeding regions of the world new information that we never thought was possible
There’s snowfall in the tropicals
Tornados in Brooklyn and capitals on the topple
Castles looking like Costcos
Where half of the hungry shoppers aint shopping cause they ain’t got dough
Oh my word to the cosmos
I’m outsourcing to Oslo
All my personal problems
The speed of sound exactly this
Ablist like Swift to execute on the cuts on the pitch
I keep it cooler than fish
After the hook made a pinch
Lines of citizens pissed
Fire walk David Lynch
For the wild at heart and for the child in all
For those tried in the courts and those who side by the law
For the tyrants who fall and those die of their gall
If change is a matter of time make it matter some more

Seize the moment like you seize the microphone now hold it

Urgent / like a blown up / appendix /or a trial that’s trivial / in a friendship /
or some coffee dripped on my penmanship/
Urgent like I need to improve my pension /
Urgent like Washington Irving looking and searching / for his tet a la headless /
Horseback and wreckless / no coursework all records /
Dorm looks like wrex in effect just party threshed it /
My buy is the bestest / certified no asbestos
Curtains time for the despots / please step back from the precipice
Urgent as much desperate /
New world order death grippin / any sense of an exit that results in recouping expenses
Urgency on the buzz like workers bees or Curren$y
Third degree for burners or gurneys in mercy emergency
I stay aligned with Mercury Sam Perkins and Myrtle Beach
Merchant marines the surf and the sea green herbal tea
Urgent like the kettle’s steeping steam / Keith /
Olberman’s dream / wrote / MSNBC a letter of grief to vent my beliefs
Like cats around the globe do at / End of the Weak
A bench on street / events with MCs or Pete rock on the MPC
Advent of the week is a message of peace an irregular beat an oregano reek
A secular priest with a record to beat and impeccable speech that’s a heck of treat